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Beautiful Little Girls Dresses and Clothes


In a throw away world the keepsake is Queen.

Our gorgeous Aunty Em girls’ party dresses and clothes draw on nostalgic fashion and pop culture themes and blend in some current catwalk trends.
Remember your favourite dress when you were a little girl? The joy and happiness you felt when wearing it?
I started Aunty Em to capture this feeling and wrap it into beautiful dresses and clothes to bring happiness to girls and make wonderful memories for them. I love creating unique and fabulous girls clothes and dresses. I want “our girls” (as we call our garments) to become your little girl's favourite that she will remember forever.
I want them to be keepsakes to be handed down. There is so much throw away fashion today and in a throw away world I feel the keepsake is queen.
I love hearing stories of girls stamping their feet and saying “Mummy why CAN’T I wear my Aunty Em dress to bed!”
After 25 years as a womenswear designer in London and Sydney working for some of the worlds leading retailers and after many months of research I took the plunge to start Aunty Em. 
Since our garments went into Australia and New Zealand stockists the reaction to Aunty Em from our customers and stockists has been wonderful. One of the best experiences has been hearing the customer stories of their girl’s reactions to their new Aunty Em dresses.
From Queensland comes the story of the mum who could only take the floral Mia Dress off her daughter at night when she was asleep, wash it and have it ready to wear the next day as it was the only piece of clothing she would wear.
From Newcastle the story of the mum who came into the store to try the Aunty Em dress from the window display on her girl. It fit beautifully so Mum buys the dress and asks for her girl to take it off. The little one backs up under the counter scowling (I’ve seen the photo!) and says “Mummy I’m not taking it off EVER!”
And the Christmas morning tantrum. Our little girl here gets the Lulu Dress as a Christmas morning present from her aunty Kate. The dress is on in a flash as she proudly shows it off and says “Mummy this is my Christmas dress and I am wearing it today!” Mum has already bought a Christmas day dress for her and pointed out that she was going to wear it. Eye witness reports state the tantrum was unabated for thirty minutes and of course the little girl got to wear her Aunty Em Christmas dress!
I want to thank all our wonderful customers and stockists for their support, and a huge thank you from my heart to our family and friends and suppliers who have helped and supported us on the start of our Aunty Em journey.
I love designing Aunty Em more than anything I have ever done in my life. With amazing in house designed prints the reaction to our brand from our customers (and their little girls) has been phenomenal and we thank you all.

Emma Seaberg.

“Aunty Em”

Australian designed and owned, Aunty Em creates quality, gorgeous garments that girls love!